AI & Board Games

How do humans compare to computers in board games?

In 1949, Claude Shannon published a paper that described how a theoretical A.I. system could play a reasonably good game of chess. In the past 60 years after Shannon’s paper, how far has AI come in chess performance, and more generally, in board game performance against a human opponent? Have computers unseated humans in various board games? Here are some various landmark achievements in game playing A.I.

Note that a full-sized Go board is 19×19, and that humans still have a considerable upper-hand over AI’s in Go. However, in just 60 years, board game AI progressed from a theoretical idea to a superhuman playing level in Backgammon, Connect Four, Checkers, Chess, and Scrabble. What advances could the next 60 years bring?


One thought on “AI & Board Games

  1. Polaris defeats 2 professional poker players. Not sure about the complexity, but given imperfect information, makes it pspace problem…

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